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Peggy Høegh Grays is the founder and CEO of Graysown LLC

a maritime training
and consulting firm based in Houston Texas. GraysOwn specializes in training
programs for shore side employees in the maritime industry from a practical

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Why is training so important?

Peggy Høegh Grays industry analysis of maritime education revealed that there is close to no training for shore side employees in Northern America, focusing on specialized maritime training. This is despite the fact, that Houston is the petrochemical center of the world as well as the largest US port for import and export of seaborne trade, which is constantly growing. Most training offered in Northern America is either generic or online. Therefore, Graysown’s focusing is on Houston but training can be provided globally on request. 


Regulatory has improved safety on board vessels remarkably during the last century. Awareness, knowledge training, focus on safety as well as care for people has impacted the level of safety today. The specialized maritime segments require more knowledge to stay safe and be profitable and does not leave room for complacency or non-compliance of neither regulatory nor company procedures. Internal specialized knowledge could be shared more efficiently by creating a structured induction and training program for shore side employees. A cost-benefit analysis done in Peggy’s thesis, the capital invested in a training would be returned by the cost savings for lower attrition and increased safety, efficiency and profit. Training is a tool, which will prove instrumental when it comes to improving safety, efficiency and profit for maritime companies and the benefits have proven to far outweigh the costs.

Training / Education

Classes are always custom made to specific clients, here are a few examples

Introduction to shipping

If you just started in the maritime industry; this would be a good way to gain knowledge of the terms and various issues you experience on a daily basis

Introduction to project cargo operation

If you just started in the maritime industry, and are planning to work in operations
or chartering with a company that handles project cargo; this class would help you
get up to speed faster than learning by doing

Important shipping documents for ocean transport

Ensuring understanding of what is
required from a Vessel Owner in terms of
Bills of Lading, Letter of Indemnity, Material Safety Data Sheets etc.
Responsibility under Free In / Free Out terms versus Liner Terms

Introduction to drycargo laytime calculation

Based on Gencon C/P

How to become a good operator – Trainee modules

On-going training in the office individually or in groups, depending on the clients need.
Building up the knowledge over a period of time as learning operations is a process